Acumen Packaging

Structural Design Studio

  • A dedicated team of Industrial Designers and technologists.
  • Feasibility studies before client presentations

IP Mode


Integrating concepts with Packing and filling processes @ client locations


Continual concept improvement over its production life cycle


Conducting and monitoring holistic and rigorous trials – concept to commercial


  • Fathom

    Observe, understand, analyze to create a knowledge bank for inspiration and aligning innovation strategy with business objectives

  • Originate

    Brainstorm, sketch, model, render concepts that suit the critical and desirable aspects of the client’s requirement

  • Reform

    Enhance, prototype, refine, test the shortlisted concept based on client / user feedback after expert discussions and initial trials

  • Make

    Optimize, certify, manufacture the developed solution for pilot run / beta launch, market testing and mass production

Packaging design

Design research and strategy


FEA, Standard testing protocols

Design thinking workshops

Graphic design & Branding

Prototyping / Proof of Concept

SKU digitization & Animation

Intellectual Property (IP) consultation and management


New Packaging Developemt

Structural Design Studio

Mock Up /Rapid Prototype

Project/ Mold Management

Vendor Development

Value Engineering

Benchmarking / Testing

Recruitment / Resource Outsourcing

Be Sure- QR Based Track & Trace Technology