Acumen Packaging

Design Innovations

Clients:- Canada based cosmetic company and Leading Indian herbal hair care company.
Objective:- Designing of unique consumer centric packaging offering refillable , functional unique product dispensing features , convenience to carry etc.
Approach:- Scientific design approach followed for packaging innovation. Process involved consumer research, competitors benchmarking, market survey, brand understanding to create relevant differentiated building blocks followed by ideation/ conceptualization.
Approach:- Delivered consumer led, brand aligned and technologically feasible, differentiated structural design projects Inhouse mock-up Xpress for 3d prototyping facility helped in faster closing of design with parallel inputs of client’s team members while maintaining confidentiality .
Developed completely new comb oil dispensation approach through soft/hard bristle combo for effective spread throughout hair and scalp uniformly and gently. Designed a very complex lipstick components with completely new mechanism with many new features.